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Loft Insulation Removal

With fuel costs at a premium removing insulation from your loft may seem an unlikely option. But with damaged or wet insulation it wont be working to its full ability with new improvements in building materials new high efficient insulations is now available which will help improve the insulations properties of your premise.


Loft insulation can become severely damaged or even contaminated which would lead to it needing to be removed. Rats, squirrels and bats can find their way into your loft and their excretions can contaminate insulation. They are also a potential health hazard to you and your family. Small rodents like to tear and scratch at insulation. This can severely damage it, rendering your insulation virtually useless as an efficient means of saving energy in your home.

The British weather, as we know all too well, is incredibly changeable and high winds can lift roof tiles. This can allow water into the roof space and cause irreparable damage to the insulation. The winter deluge of rain has lead to a significant rise in calls to have insulation replaced as a result of such leaks.


The insulation of today is far superior to the insulation that was sold 15+ years ago. New materials with improved thermal properties are now available to homeowners. In many cases you will notice a dramatic reduction in energy costs simply from upgrading the type of insulation in your loft. This especially holds true for older homes.

If you think you could benefit from a review of your loft insulation, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.