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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Loft Insulation Removal

StormDry (Waterproofing)


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QUALITY – We strive for quality in all we do.
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As dedicated insulation removal specialists, we have a real depth of experience of most jobs we are likely to come across. Consequently, we will save time, effort and money in delivering the highest possible service to you. We will gladly provide references, but part of our overall customer experience will be to gather feedback from our customers to ensure that we have delivered to your expectations.


Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Extract North East Ltd specialise in Cavity Wall Insulation Removal across the UK for those properties that are suffering from insulation problems, such as mould and/or damp walls....

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Loft Insulation Removal

With fuel costs at a premium removing insulation from your loft may seem an unlikely option. But with damaged or wet insulation it won't be working to its full ability....

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Stormdry brick Sealer not only helps protect your property but with its deep penetrative properties, will help with the insulation of your home helping to reduce expensive energy bills....

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Damp Proofing

When a building is constructed, a preventative damp proof course is generally installed into the base of the walls in the form of a plastic membrane or slate barrier…

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