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About Us

Who are Extract North East Ltd

As dedicated insulation removal specialists, we have a real depth of experience of most jobs we are likely to come across. Consequently, we will save time, effort and money in delivering the highest possible service to you. We will gladly provide references, but part of our overall customer experience will be to gather feedback from our customers to ensure that we have delivered to your expectations.

We don’t claim to be part of insulation agencies or accreditation's! The cavity wall insulation removal industry is not regulated……. Why? Because they simply don’t want to recognise there is a problem in the industry.

While all of our insulation extraction operatives have ten years + experience; installing and extracting properties, they are also qualified to carry out basic gas/fossil fuel appliance checks before and after any extraction works. This is only mandatory practice for installing insulation, yet we believe it should be mandatory for extracting the insulation also. This being as flues and chimneys could easily fill up with insulation, putting the insulation in as well as taking it out.

 Extract Insulation has a core set of values at it’s heart, which should be evident in all of our activities; these are:

  • QUALITY – we strive for quality in all we do.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – it is the reason we exist and continue to remain successful.
  • INTEGRITY – deliver to high expectations and with honesty.
  • VALUE – ensure we deliver a value for money product or service.
  • RESPECT – treat everyone in our supply and customer chain as we would expect to be treated.